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Backflow Prevention – What is it?

Backflow prevention is a valve device attached to the water supply (mostly as part of the water meter frame) to ensure that other water sources that are on the property cannot accidentally enter Hunter Water drinking water supply system.

What are ‘other water’ sources?

Bore water, dams, reclaimed storm water, recycled waste water, below ground rainwater tanks, water front properties are some of the categories of other water sources.
In some cases, businesses of certain categories (petrol stations, vehicle maintenance, metal finishing such as powder coating etc) also have to install a site containment backflow prevention.

Conducting periodic testing

Not all plumbers are licensed to do mandatory periodic testing of backflow prevention devices – Fitzgerald Plumbing are!
We are also very competent in installing the backflow valve device. It takes about 4-5 hours.

Trust Maitland and the Hunter’s resident backflow experts

If you have received a letter from Hunter Water stating that you need to install a backflow prevention device to your property/premises, give Fitzgerald Plumbing a call on 0249320237.