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Chisholm’s most reliable and experienced plumbing professionals. The professional team at Fitzgerald Plumbing offers commercial and domestic plumbing solutions of outstanding quality, to customers in Chisholm and across the greater Maitland area.

Chisholm is a completely new community, full of new and near-new homes – and the area is still growing, as more homes continue to be built. While these properties don’t have the same, age-related issues with old plumbing, leaking roofs, underground pipes that have become cracked or blocked, or infiltrated by roots of established trees surrounding the property, they potentially have their own set of plumbing issues.

Completely new homes, on new properties – such as those being built in Chisholm – require several ‘new home’ services such as:

  • Installation of new water lines, sewer and gas services, stormwater systems, guttering and downpipes, rainwater tanks and pumps
  • Installation of well-designed plumbing and fixtures for new bathrooms, laundries, toilets and kitchens
  • Assistance with backflow prevention, commissioning and testing.

Fitzgerald Plumbing – the best plumbers in Chisholm, delivering ‘excellence on tap’

Fitzgerald Plumbing can do it all, and more! Fitzgerald Plumbing understands that customers in Chisholm want a plumber who can provide them with prompt attention, effective communication and efficient administration. They expect to receive the best customer service and the highest standards of workmanship – and that’s what we provide.

We have developed a solid reputation as a trusted and respected plumber because we believe our customers deserve the best all-round service and value for money from a plumber in Chisholm. So, we promptly investigate problems, eliminate faults and resolve issues to the highest standard and prevent call backs, which actively saves you time and money.

At Fitzgerald Plumbing, our aim is to exceed your expectations and always deliver on our promise of ‘excellence on tap’.

How can Fitzgerald Plumbing meet your plumbing needs in Chisholm?

Fitzgerald Plumbing is a member of Master Plumbers Australia and has been approved by the Hunter Water Board as a major works contractor so you can be confident that we will work to the highest quality standards to resolve your plumbing problem. We even offer customers the option to settle their account via secure instant payment at the time of service.

Our highly knowledgeable, approachable and friendly team of skilled, fully licensed plumbing experts aim to deliver peace of mind on every job. Every team member has experience in all aspects of domestic and commercial construction plumbing, enabling Fitzgerald Plumbing to offer a comprehensive range of water, drainage, gas, and sanitary (sewerage) plumbing services, including:

  • Leak location and repair.
  • Identification and clearing of blockages using high-resolution CCTV and the latest camera technology to diagnose drainage problems and accurately locate blockages, as well as use of high-pressure sewer jetting to clear drains and remove blockages.
  • Domestic plumbing – new home installations or works for renovations and existing homes.
  • Commercial/industrial construction plumbing – new build installations, or works as part of building renovations, site changes etc.
  • Backflow prevention and testing.
  • Installation and repair of sewer systems, water lines and gas services (including gas fitting).
  • Installation, repair and replacement of storage or instant hot water services.
  • Installation, repair and replacement of plumbing installations in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, including tapware, laundry troughs, bathroom toilets, showers and vanity basins.
  • Installation and connection of rainwater tanks and pumps.
  • Installation, repair and replacement of stormwater systems and downpipes.

Chisholm is also one of the new growth areas within the Lower Hunter where Hunter Water provides the option to connect to a recycled water supply, otherwise known as dual reticulation. An additional (third) pipe delivers highly treated recycled water, suitable for use in watering your garden, flushing your toilet, washing your car or your clothes.

Fitzgerald Plumbing can provide you with the assistance you require to connect your Chisholm home to the suburb’s recycled water service.

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