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Experience ‘excellence on tap’, with superior workmanship and great customer service, from the most reliable and experienced plumbers in Maitland.

When Maitland residents and business owners hire a plumber, they expect to receive great customer service, excellent communication, and the highest standard of workmanship. At Fitzgerald Plumbing, our aim is to exceed your expectations and deliver on our promise of ‘excellence on tap’. We believe our customers deserve the best, and most cost-effective, all-round service from a plumber in Maitland, so that’s what we provide – we respond promptly and work quickly to investigate, identify and resolve your plumbing issues within the agreed budget and timeframe.

Fitzgerald Plumbing have developed a solid reputation as Maitland’s most trusted and respected plumbers, because we provide timely and reliable plumbing services, including outstanding customer service and high-quality, innovative commercial and domestic plumbing solutions to customers across the greater Maitland area.

Rely on Fitzgerald Plumbing’s local team of plumbers in Maitland to look after your unique plumbing needs.

Maitland is a city that boasts a near perfect mix of history and modernity, with its newly-revitalised urban environment crowning a maze of back streets that hide some stunning old 19th Century residences, and a main street peppered with some beautiful historic buildings that now house hair and beauty salons, office spaces, boutiques, galleries, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Many businesses and building owners have turned to Fitzgerald Plumbing for help to resolve the kind of plumbing issues so common in older buildings – blocked pipes, corroded internal pipes, cracked external pipes, old fittings in need of replacement, and so on.

Some buildings are a brilliant mix of old and new, such as the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, The Maitland Hospital, and The Levee beside the Hunter River, with (often) more complex plumbing needs. The suburb is also home to many established homes and buildings from a variety of eras, such as Maitland Repertory Theatre, as well as some more-modern buildings, including shopping complexes such as Pender Place and Maitland Riverside Plaza – these kinds of buildings present an entirely new set of potential plumbing issues.

We have decades of experience in working with buildings of all ages – including new installations, renovations, minor facelifts and upgrades – and, no matter the type of building, or the kind of plumbing issue, we have the experience and expertise to handle it.

How can Fitzgerald Plumbing meet your plumbing needs in Maitland?

Fitzgerald Plumbing’s friendly, approachable and highly-knowledgeable team of fully-licensed plumbers are members of Master Plumbers Australia, and all work completed by us will be undertaken in line with the relevant Australian Standards and the regulations imposed by our local water authority, Hunter Water. We also offer secure instant payment at the time of service.

Our fantastic plumbers have extensive experience in all aspects of domestic and commercial construction plumbing, allowing us to offer Maitland customers a comprehensive range of water, drainage, gas, and sanitary (sewerage) plumbing services, including:

  • Identification and clearing of blockages – use of high-resolution CCTV and the latest camera technology, to diagnose drainage problems and accurately locate blockages, and high-pressure sewer jetting to clear drains and remove blockages.
  • Blocked drain repair services
  • Leak location and repair
  • Domestic plumbing – installations for new homes and unit developments, and works for renovations and existing homes
  • Installation, repair and replacement of plumbing installations in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, including tapware, laundry troughs, bathroom toilets, showers and vanity basins
  • Installation, repair and replacement of storage or instant hot water services
  • Installation, repair and replacement of stormwater systems and downpipes
  • Installation and connection of rainwater tanks and pumps
  • Installation and repair of sewer systems, water lines and gas services (plus gas fitting)
  • Commercial construction plumbing – installations for new builds, and works required as part of site changes, building renovations, etc.
  • Backflow prevention and testing
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